Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Weekend @ Cameron Hi Land.. :)

Last week, me & hubby went to Cameron Highland..actually it was not a planned holiday.. :), there was a voucher 1 night stay @ strawberry park resort (SPR)....a wedding gift actually by Rafiq (thank you Rafiq)..we were keep on thinking..when are we going to utilise the voucher..after like months goes by..the voucher remain in the dashboard..never bother to check on the expiry date....until last two weeks..the SPR called Rafiq..mentioning that the voucher will expiry this 20th May...hahaaa...malunyer..so me & husband..quickly applied for leave on Friday...and there u go...we had our second honeymoon @ Cameron Highland..when i am 7months pregnant..ihiks...here some picts to share....
Pagi sabtu..before we had our bfast...we had our walk about the SPR...and snap2...x sempat nk put on lipstick.. :(
on the way down..going back to kl...kt tepi jalan byk orang asli jual...this particular plant..dr jauh cam ayam dok bertenggek atas para..so i asked my husband to stop by..and i snap a pict....there u go..it called..pokok bulu ayam emas...patut la...

We reached KL around 1.00p.m ..then straight away..went to Pusrawi for check up.. ok la this time..my husband was around..so happy la sikit... :)

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Wanna win the QQ back pack?

i da byk miss out contest..hosted by my blogging friends....but this one..by TH kinda turn me on...it's simple i definitely going to join this...this contest is meant for coming Mothers Day celebration, TH is going to giveaway a QQ back pack to the winner...wanna join the contest..check out the details! click here u don wanna miss this..." Selamat Mencuba :)" { ade mcm dlm any Kid's Tv show tak? hahaha..}

p/s TH..want it....i want it....hope the RANDOM.org will be kind to me this time... *wink*