Friday, March 27, 2009

Sg Kelah Hot Spring*

Last week..,right after Mamak Wedding kt Tjg husband brought me to this place...dlm email throught out Monday to Friday he keep on' s secret..pujuk2 pn x nak kasi tawu...rupenyer2 nk pegi Sg Kelah Hot spring...sbb bile balik kg die kt Bota...i merengek2 nk pegi Sg Kelah...haaaa..amik..nk sgt pegi...hehe...

From the simpang...quite far jugak...just follow the Felda residence first only like 2 cars (including us) were heading to that place...i was, x kan x ramai org sampai je kt sana...da ramai rupenyer..dlm tuh..bayar RM10.00 per, for kid..x igt sagt RM8 kot...

ni kt mountain spring cool...sejuk gaknyer..penuh bebudak kt sini

kt tempat org rebus telur ni..60-70 Celcious degree..air die

Control nih....kaki tgh rendam dlm air panas...essssss...boley tahan gak la merah2 kaki

masa jln2....walkway tendang²..excited ker....letih ker..xtawu ni mummy..anash..anash...ouch!! :)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

kenduri kawen....

Last 2 weeks...i attended 2 of my husband colleagues' wedding... Nagib, kt Negori Sembilan, and Mamak (that what he called him) kt Tjg Malim. According to my husband's story-morry la..sometime he do gossip bout his office mate...Nagib ni mmg nakal time die kawen siap la..time ni lah budak2 ni boleh kacau die... anyway sonok dapat share their happy moments..

Nagib & pearly white

Mamak & wife..(they all officemate..senang lucky :) )

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Santai di umah k.emi :)

Lunch hour td pegi umah K.emi , actually the idea came from Bain he wanted to surprise k.emi. K.emi tak sangka sgt she gonna met her 'long-time-no-see' neighbour..yer lah dulu epol..skang ni da glamer sikit bain..ahaks...jgn mara pol... :)

Tp mmg cam tak percaya jer da jumper k.emi personally and closer look at her moleskin drawing...impressed..sgt2...(i should get myself a colouring book and prisma colour for a start....*LOL*...seriously)....she got such a nice house, nice garden too...i got to see her workstation where she do her blogging..and catched a tiny rattan chair which happen to be yassin 'work station". He got his own PC...we went through his Pokemon book...ihiks..i barely know bout pokemon...yg i tawu Pikachu & jigelipuff (kalau die nyanyi org tido)..i dunno whether i got the spelling right...

anyway..thanks to k.emi for being such a nice host...hihhi..kenyang mkn.. :) finally dpt jugak jumpe...tumpang rezeki baby....

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My 3rd Check up

Last Friday i went to Pusrawi for my monthly was scheduled on Saturday, but my gynae nk pi brought forward to Friday..

Every time nk check up mmg excited sgt sebab..i got the chance to the glimpse of my baby..mmg tak saba nk tahu boy/girl...

Kt Pusrawi mmg ramai org..i thought private x ramainye...actually i was the 1st person register kt my gynae ade minor surgery, so i have to wait for like almost 45minutes..thank god i brought P/S i love you. ..(my fave novel so far ..after Q & A :)) to kill my time..

Last check-up i found out, my iron-hemoglobin level was 8, my gynae said it was too low for pregnant mum.. actually i'm bit mmmm...surprised..i thought i'm healthy... :(

i dont experience morning sickness...i do throw out...but really2 seldom..i think what really disappoint me was..i've really put on weight a lot..i mean it's darah went wrong, but mmg lately experienced headache..but through my reading some pregnant women do experience i thought it's common...

what..really worry me is..hemoglobin carry oxygen...oxygen very important for the baby's brain development...takut baby's brain development will be affected...i've tried to eat as healthy as i can...i eat fish, green leafy veggie, dates..milk...what went wrong?..but i dont take liver..i just can't take internal organ....

i read from the net..this person also got aneamia problem so....she hog on peanut and jaggery..then the hemoglobin reading jump from 8 to 3 months..not too bad huh :)

Pregnant women have to take about 30-60mg of i found food which rich in iron (i took out mane² yg i x suke)..amongs Date/Prune 1/2 cup (2.4mg), Potato (4mg), total cereal 1 ounce (18 mg), watermelon 1/2 slice (3 mg)...

others, which can increase the absorption of iron :eggs, citrus fruit, whole grain breads, cereal, dried fruit, green leafy vegetables, beans, peanut butter, oatmeal, mushroom broccoli..and asparagus.

My mission for this increase my iron-hemoglobin level !!!!..Eat Healthier Jia...arghhhhhhhh..... (harap² misi berjaya)

Ptg ni pas office nk pegi Giant..nk beli potato, cereal, milk, baked beans, peanut butter, and bread.. i like the beli yg wholemeal la...:(

Next check up nk wat 3D scan la...i think below RM100 ..boleyla 4D scan mahal sgt..tgok la camne kn..kalau ade rejeki... :)

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Another Tag by Diya :-)

this one is a picture tag by Diya, i rather interesting...mmg excited sgt masa buat tag ni.. ok, what i need to do is to do a few question by finding the answer through google, which only can choose picture from the 1st u go...

Age of my next birthday
Place i like to travel

Favourite food

One of my nick names
Favorite place

favorite Colour

College Major


Bad habit


heheh..luckily..manage to do this tag.... :) of luv